Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Renovation Complete

So, I have now completed the website, and this is how it will look from now on. I've decided I will not change my URL as many people might be looking for my blog, and will not be able to find it because the URL had changed. So what do you guys think? Please comment and tell me how you think it looks, and also leave Requests in the comments at this post.


  1. glad you're back, you should do some with bieber, bo burnham, and chalie mcDonnell, i love those ones :D love the new layout

  2. The layout is good; I like the pale, relaxing background and clear, decent-sized print. Too many bloggers try to be trendy with complicated backgrounds or black writing on red, or white on black, which is more difficult to read.
    JTA is my current favourite, even though he's only 17; in action with anyone would be great.