Saturday, July 2, 2011


Hey guys. Lately, I haven't done any fakes, due to the fact that I am no longer interested in making them. I have lost interest, so no more fakes. So, JoshCelebFakes will still be available but it will not be working on that blog. My new blog is the new blog. It will feature simple things, such as my life, interests, blah blah blah. So it will be more of a personal blog. This blog will be new and improved, I will work on it harder than I did to this one, due to the fact that I am not 100% gay. OK, so I hope you like this new idea, or you may not*. Hope to see you in this new blog. More info when the blog is up and running.

PS: Leave comments on what you would like to see in the new blog. :)

*I am not encouraging you to view my new blog, but I will be very pleased if you do.

1 comment:

  1. Aww, I really liked your blog DX I'm sorry to see them stop, but it's your choice, so do whatcha gotta do