Monday, July 4, 2011

I'm Back

Hey guys. I've been seeing how some people don't really want a personal blog, so i decided that i will continue making fakes for you guys. Since its been a while, i'll need some time to make fakes, so ill be posting them soon. But i still have the idea of the personal blog, but not so much. I will continue this blog more if i have more comments on my fakes, i would really like to see what you guys think of the fakes. Soo, leave in the comments who you would like to see faked,


  1. Justin, Jake T, Cole, Dylan, BTR, Nathan, ad te boys from Victorious ^^ I've got some awesome pics you can use for their bodies if you want, just Email me for them

    Also, thanks for coming back! XD

  2. Don't want to get you into trouble, but JTA with David Henrie would be great. Also boys from 'Hannah Montana', Vampire Diaries or 'Teen Wolf'.
    Sorry, comment as LJ or Google not accepted.

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